Community and the environment

The pressure's on to be a good neighbour. If you care about the environment and value your image in the community, maintaining honest working practices and good relations with your customers, suppliers and neighbours is important, rewarding and helpful. So don't overlook the business benefits of being a thoughtful business in both your community and the wider business environment. Often it simply takes a few well-considered measures to ensure your business is acknowledged for the work it does to protect the environment and behave responsibly. Just a word of warning. Your community relations programme should not be used as an extension of your marketing strategy. There are now quite serious overtones to this work as more pressure groups take it upon themselves to be the guardians of our environment. And they can kick up quite a stink if they feel you are taking their concerns for granted. Being a good neighbour doesn't mean going for the quick win. It does mean taking realistic steps to increase the likelihood that your business is welcomed in it surroundings and will do nothing to harm the setting in which it operates.