Crisis management

A product failure can cause huge problems and, if people’s health is at risk, it can quickly escalate into a crisis. If you decide to work with Eastwood, we will highlight the possible pitfalls you may face in the event of such problems and work with you to ensure your business copes with and recovers from the worst eventuality. The very least you need as a manufacturer or service provider is a strategy that covers the most likely events that could affect trading conditions, share value or consumer confidence. The media plays a big part in this and listeners to the Today programme, for example, will be very familiar with the interview that goes wrong, when a spokesperson goes on air sometimes totally unprepared or worse feels compelled to lie. You can protect your business from this pitfall by rehearsing your technique under simulated conditions. You should know where threats to your business are likely to come from and practice your responses under less stressful conditions. Many people in business will encounter such problems during their lifetime and it is not a crime to experience one. But the opportunity to set the record straight will be wasted if you don't know how to perform under pressure. Eastwood can help identify where your business might be exposed and help you design a strategy to deal with it.