Employee relations

Today's challenging economic climate makes the need to communicate really clearly more essential than ever. You have a number of important audiences to address on a regular basis, not least your employees, who may need re-assurance your business and their futures are viable. Employees can, however, find themselves at the back of the communication queue, which is depressing. It's easy to forget that loyal employees remain the backbone of any business yet their value can be overlooked entirely when a business is faced with a plethora of pressures from various quarters. Eastwood has worked with many companies needing to impart critical decisions on acquisitions, MBOs, plant closures, mergers and redundancies. Our company can advise on style, timing, format and content. And don't forget, it't not unusual for your employees themselves to have the solution you seek, if they had only been asked. Maintaining good relations with your employees is a two-way street and experience shows they will become more involved and supportive if kept aware of developments in 'their' company. So communicate with them on a regular basis and do it now, not when the 'problem' becomes insurmountable.