Script and speech writing

It's not that you don't want to do it, it's more the lack of time. But there's no getting away from it - you are committed to an important presentation and have little time to prepare. Eastwood can help by providing you with a polished, bespoke script and will work round the clock to produce it if necessary. While acting as a sounding board and by contributing fresh ideas, structure and balance, we can help you turn an 'ordinary' speech into a great one. There are quite a few basic do's and don'ts to get right such as timing, tone and pace and, most importantly, content. In drafting and polishing the script, we will help you to rehearse and fine tune until you are confident you have mastered your speech. Then we'll rehearse again until you feel you are ready. You'll probably know when this happens because you will want to give your presentation there and then.